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Thank you for the last 12 years of parties. This all started because we wanted to play some tunes. Little did we know we’d play 1000 shows, meet 1000s of friends, travel a million miles, make a few bucks, and do our fair share of keeping Jack Daniels in business.  It has been a privilege to be a part of so many birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. With all this being said, the end is near. As much as we love you all, life is always changing and requires different things from you.  The time we’ve spent with each other, with all of you has been phenomenal but has also meant we weren’t home. We’ve missed countless family events and many of you have invited us to things we couldn’t attend.  It’s now time to close this chapter and move on to the next.

This ride could not have been successful without so many key people. A massive thank you to Magic Mike Kirkpatrick​, the production engineer / chimichanga aficionado for 8 years!  Unlimited high fives to our boy Richard Guthrie​ who’s Guitar, Vocals, & PRS addiction played a huge role in building our sound. George Wozniak​, Allen Espinosa​, Jim Epp​, Vic Rock​ & Michael Damron​ ... thank you all for the years, the cheers, and too many beers!  Starleigh Entertainment​ has been our partner on this trip since 2010.  Gary, Rob, Linda, Kristy, Tommy, we could not have done it without you, you guys are the best! To all the sound engineers, you guys have the toughest gig in the biz.  Thank you all, especially Jerome Maffeo, Mike Walker, Mike Denz, and for the majority of 2019, our main man Rob Thurber​. To the venues, the managers, security, and all you bartenders ... thank You is an understatement. Not only were you the place to let us make noise, so many of the friendships we’ve created will continue long beyond the last song.  



 Nov 2

 Hotel  Charles