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No Green JellyBeenz formed in the summer of 2007.....

Wes was a drummer with an idea and a plan. The idea was to play songs from every musical genre, infusing each with his personal flair and high-energy drumming style, turning ordinary cover songs on their proverbial ear. The plan was to take these jams to the masses and revive the local music scene. The problem was that he had no band to help him turn these big ideas, these grand plans, into anything more than a few weekend jam sessions in his garage. The initial 5 members just didn't click.... Wes had seen Rich playing guitar with his former band, Below the Surface, and observed that the 2 had a shared interest in music selections. Rich entered the band and brought along a singer. Together the 3 members tracked down a bassist, and a new lineup was formed.... October 16, 2007 marked the first gig for the band -- unfortunately without a bassist (he had unexpectedly quit that morning - HA!). The guys tweaked the set list, made it through that debut performance, and set about in search of a new bassist.... The new lineup kicked into gear in Jan of 2008. The high energy set list and unique song selections quickly stirred up a "Beenz Buzz." However, within the band, something just didn't quite fit. So after multiple discussions and a whole lot of persuasion, Wes was able to recruit his cousin to join, taking over the newly vacated role of "slappin' 'da bass." May of '08 brought the debut of Mr. Roodumscoot, Moe. Formerly of Death Among Heroes, an original Metal band, Moe brought a new energy and ruckus to the rhythm section. The song list, as well as the crowds, continued to grow. New friends and new venues allowed NGJB to hit Maryland from every angle, while the growing buzz about the band began to spread into Virginia.... 2009 brought many opportunities for the band to refine their sound -- a high-energy, genre-crossing blend of rock, pop, country, and hip-hop -- as they blasted through venues in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia, and Delaware. As the number of shows grew, so did their fan base, bringing to the shows fans of every musical style and from every demographic.... The summer of 2010 brought the biggest shakeup in the Beenz lineup, when Wes was brought from behind the drums and put at the front of the stage, microphone in hand. A new energy sparked the stage, and the fusion of Wes's and Rich’s voices triggered a dynamic new sound.... When the guys were informed in Oct ‘11 that New Year’s Eve would be the drummer’s last gig, Moe contacted long-time friend and former band mate Kenny to join him in holding down the Beenz beats. Kenny, fresh off the road from touring with Count Your Blessings, and recording an album, was looking for a new musical direction. And when the clock struck midnight during the final show of 2011, it signified not only the beginning of a new year, but also the birth of the strongest, tightest, most energetic and entertaining No Green JellyBeenz! With the support and endorsement of Paul Reed Smith Guitars and SJC Custom Drums, No Green JellyBeenz takes modern radio hits and classic favorites and spins, flips, and shakes them up until they become Beenz-infused jams! And the support doesn't stop at just outstanding musical equipment. The No Green JellyBeenz family is fortunate to count Bully Bling Energy Drinks, Bud Light, and T-Rev’s Stiff Willi Chili as corporate sponsors.... The NGJB aural and visual spectacular is provided by SandCastle Sound, with Mike Kirkpatrick creating the best mixes of soaring highs and rumbling lows, and the magic fingers of Sean Kirkpatrick "tripping the light fantastic," giving the audience the ultimate "rock show experience." Upon joining forces with Starleigh Entertainment in the Fall of 2011, NGJB is expanding the coast to have crowds singing, dancing, shaking, grooving, jumping, and sweating the night away!